360 Degrees


What would you do if you lost the mother you loved at the hands of the father you adored?

After of her mother’s murder, Thandisha is placed in the care of a maternal grandmother so absorbed in her own grief, she is incapable of providing an environment for Thandisha to heal. Thandisha finds solace in the arms of Andreas, her first love. Her life spirals out of control after an unwanted pregnancy leads to a drug addiction. In order to heal, she is forced to journey 360 Degrees to the day her father killed her mother. The multi-dimensional characters in 360 Degrees will stay in your heart long after you turn the last page. Read Sample chapters of "360 Degrees" here.

Urban Tango


When you want it all and will do anything to get it…

Ayanna Williams has it all, wants more, and will do whatever it takes to get it. Her promotion to Senior Deputy Assistant to the District Attorney is the next move to her best move.  Jefferson Thomas is a handsome, politically connected, business man who finances many key players in the political class. Ayanna and Jefferson find themselves for the second time on opposite sides of justice. Bringing Jefferson Thomas down is the catalyst for her next, best move. Read sample chapters here.


Central Drive


When there is not Just in Justice

Two ear-piercing gunshots from the gun of a rogue police officer result in the death of Jean-Jacques, a neighborhood hero. The tragedy becomes the catalyst for camaraderie in a neighborhood divided by racism, classism, and culturalism. Leaders emerge, alliances are formed and cultural traditions are challenged, as the community fights for justice.

The official narrative will not be accepted.

Not this time...

Sample chapters can be read here.


Since 1993

 Regina Neequaye

The power of twenty-six letters cannot be overstated. The letters form words that form sentences capable of transcending emotion, visuals and multi-dimensional characters from the mind of the writer to the mind of the reader. The letters are so magical that one can travel all over the world and never leave their home. Is it a wonder slave owners enacted laws to prevent persons of color from learning to read. The slave owners knew the power of the letters and were determined to keep this magic away from slaves that those who violated the slave codes were subject to severe, beatings and even death. As a writer, I view the letters as instruments that can heal and empower. Writing is my passion. It allows freedom to express my ideas on paper in my own words. I would love for you to enjoy one or all of my novels, “360 Degrees”, “Urban Tango”, and “Central Drive” are available for purchase from here or from amazon.com. Please email me at author@reginaneequaye.com and let me know what you think. If you are a member of a book club, I would be honored if your club would consider one or all of my novels for the Book of the Month.