Rest in Peace Gloria Naylor

I read a post today that Gloria Naylor passed away September 28, 2016. I am usually very skeptical of death announcements on social media, so I did some digging to verify before I allowed myself to literary mourn one of my favorite authors.  Ms. Naylor is the author of several books.  “The Women of Brewster Place” is the most popular; however, she also penned “Linden Hills”, “Bailey’s Cafe”, “Mama Day,” and “The Men of Brewster Place.”  I have read, “Mama Day,”, “Baily’s Café” and of course, “The Women of Brewster place,” and can attest to the Ms. Naylor’s brilliance in telling a story. As a matter of fact, I still have copies on my shelf. Over the holidays, I think I will dust them off and read them again.

As I stated, I did some digging to verify her death. In my googling and wikipedia’ing (made up word), I found she has not published a novel since 2006 when she wrote “1996.” Prior to “1996,” she published “Bailey’s Café” in 1993.  Did she get tired of writing? Did she continue to write and kept the stories to herself or simply shared them with a select few? Is it possible she did not feel appreciated by her readers?  Well today I am going to find a pioneer and email them to let them know how thankful I am for opening doors for writers like me. I have not heard anything from Marita Golden in my circle.  I have read and enjoyed two of her novels, “A Woman’s Place,” and “Wild Women Don’t Wear No Blues.” I think I will find her on the web, email her a simple thank you note.

Rest in Peace Ms. Gloria Naylor.

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October 4, 2016