I have been writing since I can remember. My grandmother returned poetry to me a few years ago written when I was nine or ten. Writing is my passion, but reading is my first love.  As a child, I had all the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys mystery books.  I was an avid reader of Judy Blume, a very risqué author at the time of preteen novels. As I matured and my world became larger, I read novels by James Baldwin, Richard Wright, Eric Jerome Dickey, Maya Angelou and many others.  These authors writing were entertainment as well as history, as they wrote novels with multi-dimensional characters, plots and sub-plots that reflected the happenings in their era. As I matured, there was a period when it became challenging to find authentic writing, so embarked on writing what I wanted to read.  I like feeling.  I want to feel something. When I close the last page of a book, I want that feeling where you pull the book close to your heart, shake your head and all you can say is “Umph.”

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Next month, let’s talk about the Business of writing.

May 2, 2016