Literary Birth

The labor was intense; there were many days and nights sitting in front of a computer screen fusing twenty-six letters to scribe on paper people, places, things and emotions that lived inside of your head. The labor lasted for many months and maybe years. You were diligent. You worked hard until you created your literary masterpiece.   You spent many hours surfing the internet for the perfect cover to wrap your bundle of joy. It was a sacrifice of time and money.  You paid for editing with that credit card you promised yourself you would never use, absent of a life or death emergency. When you thought you had it perfect, the editor found errors you could not see. You had to rewrite paragraphs and pages then reread the entire 200 plus page manuscript for the thousandth time to ensure the changes were a perfect fit.  You present your bundle of joy to the world praying for a good reception. This is when you learn completing your book is just the beginning. The real work has now begun. You pitch your perfect masterpiece to anyone and everyone. No rock is unturned, as you fight hard to find the right audience. You canvas hundreds of book clubs, bookstores searching for readers. Every once in a while, discouragement sets in. You become desperate for readers;  at times, you pass your masterpiece to readers without charge.  And just when you think you will give up on this gift you love so much, you receive emails from PayPal that a reader has purchased your book, or you check your sales report on Amazon and find new sales. The encouragement juices begin to flow. That one sale or five-star review make it all worth it.   Such is the life of an independent writer. Holler if you can relate.

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April 4, 2016