I Dream of a Bookstore

It is a gathering spot, not particularly fancy, but comfortable. Soft, almost inaudible, African music plays in the background. The  aroma of freshly baked sweets, made from all organic ingredients, hover in the air. Fresh ground coffee imported from Caribbean and African countries can be smelled blocks away. Shelves filled with books align two walls meeting at one end forming the shape of an “L”; this is a learning space. Round rotating cases filled with books sit in the middle of the bookstore. Portraits of James Baldwin, Audrey Lorde, Zora Neal Hurston, Langston Hughes and other predecessors align the wall reminding writers, both emerging and well-renown, to keep the craft authentic. Patrons sit at small, round tables placed sporadically throughout the store enjoying refreshments and positive socialization. There will be no WiFi; two computer stations with internet access sit in a back corner for emergency research needs. The fee for computer usage will be astronomical to discourage isolation and encourage personal interaction among patrons. Those who are abreast on current affairs are  welcome to converse on social/economic indices affecting melanin rich peoples. Patrons greet one another with “Sister” and “Brother.” Love and Respect is the motif.

February 18, 2016